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Los Cabos

We had an amazing trip to Los Cabos in December 2021. As a destination specialist it was so great to see the course content in living color. From beginning to end we can‘t say enough about how much we enjoyed this trip. Not only was there beauty, but the hospitality, the food, the confidence in my safety was all top notch. We definitely have this destination on our return list. Here are a few travel tips we noticed along the way.

Local transportation in Cabo


Many of our packages will include or can add ground transportation from the airport. It cost us $50 per person round trip. Taxi’s are apparently negotiable. You are not going to see a meter in there and they tell you when you arrive how much your fare actually is. We learned during the week that you can ask in advance and even offer/negotiate what you will pay. We also learned that Uber is a fraction of the price of a taxi. Note that if you start checking Uber fees and don’t book, each time you check the rate will rise. Same app used in the US is the Uber app in Mexico, just billed in pesos.

Local Hustles

In the downtown area you will be bombarded by local entrepreneurs selling their goods. The hustle actually starts at the airport. We ran into a lot of time-share sales men who earn a commission just for getting people to the “75 minute” presentation of a property. In exchange they can help you get half price or sometimes free excursions, including golf, in Los Cabos. Just note the 75 minutes ire ally about 3 hours.

Pueblo Bonito Golf and Country Club

We stayed on one of the Pueblo Bonito properties called Sunset Beach. They have several sister properties in the area so when you stay at one, you have access to all properties including their activities and dining areas. We have no complaints about this property. The staff, food, and hospitality were all amazing. We signed up for the optional all-inclusive package so food and alcohol were all covered. Even tips were covered but you could offer extra.

There are shuttles at Sunset to take you to different parts of the property since it is spread out with multiple buildings and some killer hills to climb if you walk it yourself. They also have shuttles to sister properties and the golf course which is on-site. Note that the downtown shuttle only goes to the sister property so there is a ½ mile walk or a taxi required to get to the marina area. The walk was interesting since the sidewalks were not always in the best condition. But we survived.

There are many hotels and resorts in the area and we can help plan a trip to any of the properties in the area.

Golf in Los Cabos

Los Cabos golf is amazing. There are roughly 18 courses here, all of them are beautiful.

Many courses are surrounded by resorts so there’s a lot of play and stay options. Transportation to the courses is easy with a taxi ride or an Uber. Courses here can be a little bit pricey, averaging about 150 per round in peak season but cheaper in the summer, but worth it. You’re not going to beat the scenic views.

We had a chance to play two of those courses one being Cabo Real and the other being Quivira since we were staying at Pueblo Bonito. I would have to say that Quivira would be my favorite from the two, but both are amazing. Quivira was simply amazing. Some of the holes are right next to the Pacific Ocean you have that ocean breeze coming in and it was just as beautiful to play Quivira.

Cabo Real also had beautiful views. There are no out of bounds areas on this course. You simply have to stay in the fairway if you don’t want to lose your balls in the bluff. From hole 1 you work your way up the mountain on lush carpet style fairways, just beautiful. Sand traps are placed strategically to make your round more challenging. Greens were beautiful and rolled true.

I can never talk much about the view or to say I can’t talk enough about the views! We are Florida residents, so the elevation change for us is something new. I know there’s other parts of the country that have the same elevation. The fairways were just lush and amazing, the greens were perfect! I saw not one bad green on the two courses that we played.

So, if you’re ever looking for golf travel talk to us and we can hook that up for you.

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